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The World Market for Thermal Flowmeters, 2nd Edition
Release Date: January 2018

Flow Research has completed a new market study on the worldwide thermal flowmeter market. The study is called The World Market for Thermal Flowmeters, 2nd Edition. The first edition was published in October 2009. The primary goals are to determine the 2016 size of the thermal flowmeter market and the market shares of major suppliers. Forecasts through 2021 for a variety of segmentations will be included.

The study achieved multiple objectives:

Determining worldwide market size and market shares for thermal flowmeters in 2016
Forecasting market growth for all types of thermal flowmeters through 2021
Identifying the industries and applications where thermal flowmeters are used, and to identify market growth sectors
Providing a product analysis for the main companies selling into the thermal flowmeter market
Providing strategies to manufacturers for selling into the thermal flowmeter market
Providing company profiles of the main suppliers of thermal flowmeters.

Key Issues Addressed

This study addresses the key issues in the thermal flowmeter market, including:

The use of thermal flowmeters for continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) 
The growing use of thermal flowmeters for environmental monitoring applications
The use of insertion thermal flowmeters for flare gas measurement
The role of thermal flowmeters in measuring greenhouse gas emissions
The increased number of suppliers to this market 
New product and technology developments
Growth strategies for thermal flowmeter suppliers

Study Segmentation

The study is segmented by:

Geographic Regions
Thermal Flowmeters by Type
Thermal Flowmeters by Fluid Type
Thermal Flowmeters by Intelligence Level
Smart Thermal Flowmeters by Communication Protocol
Thermal Flowmeters by Industry
Thermal Flowmeters by Application 
Thermal Flowmeters by Distribution Channel 
Thermal Flowmeters by Customer Type

For further details on segmentation, please view the Overview above.

Rationale for Study

Flow Research has been following the thermal flowmeter market for the past 16 years. We include data on the overall thermal market size worldwide and by geographic region in every edition of our worldwide market study, Volume X: The World Market for Flowmeters. Since 2002, we have been providing quarterly updates in our Market Barometer publication (www.worldflow.com). Some of the growth in this market is due to growth in the need for environmental monitoring, such as rising requirements to measure greenhouse gas emissions, a subject that we regularly cover in our other quarterly, the Energy Monitor. We believe that this is an optimal time to quantify the size of this market, and to take an in-depth look at the factors supporting what appears to be an expanding market with great potential for future growth.

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